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Removing the immunity from those who have been falsely acquitted

'Double Jeopardy' is that quirk in the law that prevents a repeat prosecution of an accused no matter what new evidence comes to hand.
While someone found guilty can appeal his conviction if it is reasonable to believe there is new evidence or a miscarriage of justice at his original trial, in practice there appears nothing prosecutors can do to successfully appeal an acquittal.
Despite cosmetic changes to the law in most Australian states over the last 7 years, empirical evidence has shown that it is still next to impossible to get a  re-prosecution.

Considering there have been literally thousands of acquittals for serious crimes in that period (not even counting retrospective application), we still seem to be very far off from a situation where prosecutors could feel confident of acquiring a repeat prosecution for someone with a significant amount of untested incriminating evidence against him/her.

Problems with the COAG Reform Model

DoubleJeopardyReform.Org is a branch of the Crime Victims Support Organisation and advocates reform of Victoria's what we believe to be, very antiquated laws on double jeopardy.
As a first step, we would ask that the state government hold a public inquiry into the law so as to gauge its strengths, weaknesses and support.

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